On the Treatment of Hypertension

Remaining calm is of paramount importance to hypertension sufferers

I first knew I was a hypertension sufferer when my vein squirted twelve feet after the accident

The accident defaced my child

My child was teased at school

His school was in the hills, the hills of a green country

The green country had for many years been ruled by a powerful dictator

The son of the dictator was a child in my son’s school

The dictator’s son wasn’t allowed to play with the other children

The other children all made fun of him when he and his bodyguards were out of earshot

The dictator’s son somehow understood this

When it was recess this boy would wander to the furthest corner of the playground because he didn’t want to be a nuisance

My son would walk up to the boundary of where the bodyguards stood and stand perfectly still because he didn’t want to alarm the bodyguards or the dictator’s child

The dictator was like his child, misunderstood

He had a speech impediment which changed the words that came out of his mouth as he said them

I was the only person living who could have correctly interpreted the dictator’s words, but I didn’t realize I had gained this talent from the accident

The dictator’s staff wasn’t evil, just well-meaning and obedient

I would go to my grave never knowing about my talent because his staff kept visitors away

My child would of course attend my funeral

At the far end of the cemetary my child witnessed a car drive up, then watched as two bodyguards stepped out, followed by the dictator’s son

The dictator’s son had become tremendously fat, perhaps as a way of closing the distance between himself and his bodyguards

He was too shy to take advantage of the opportunities that would have been available to him as a dictator’s son

When my son noticed the dictator’s son he stood absolutely still and would not move until the rest of the funeral party was gone

The funeral party thought my son was having a nervous breakdown

No one mentioned my son’s behaviour at the reception following the burial

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