No Face Says No


“How can I get tougher?”

“When those guys get that colour, you’ve got to hit them really hard, otherwise they come back to life. Hit ‘X.’ Hit ‘X.’ I think if you do that once they don’t come back to life again.”

“I don’t care if they come back to life.”

“If they’re still alive you can’t pass the level.”


“But if you want to get tougher just save your gold. I think there’s like a shop or something on the next level.”

“When was the last time you played this?”

“About a year ago.”

“There. I died again. That guy kept hitting me.”

“You should have hit ‘X.’”

“He was too fast.”

“Well, next time be ready for him to come back to life.”

“I’m tired of this game.”

“Fine. Do you want to play something else?”


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