Hell Yeah


I take the Streetcar to work. You god
-damn Dumb Motherfuckers I take it
To work, to work, god-damn, where I make
Huge Gigantic Dollars Every Day
(Registered trademark). Do you like
The Whopper Do you like the Wrap-
Star Do you like to have it Your Way
(Registered trademark). I love all those
things and I love Leaving Sad Notices
On the Bulletin Board in the Copy
Room where Gary the Poor Loserish
Bastard goes to Cry sometimes
(I have seen him) and I Pretend to have
Real Love in my Heart but it’s only
One Thousand Dollar Signs Over and
Over like a Toile pattern of the Very
Best Weekend Ever in the Poconos
(Registered Trademark) Money Valley
(Mad Money) Resort and Spa.

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