The things that I expect love to do it cannot do. I prefer obsession rather than intimacy; an intimate obsession. To transfer authority to the object of your love. Compatibility is something altogether different. Love is a state outside of compatibility. It is nourished by proximity but not extinguished. An advanced love does not burn. Love burns inside the one that suffers it alone; the person who burns with love is not consumed by the flame. Love is dangerous in this state. If the beloved and the lover are apart—whatever that means—the fires of love grow higher and more violent. Dido built a pyre out of all of the objects that Aeneas left behind. Then she stabbed herself and her body was burnt in the flames—the smoke was seen by the Trojans in their ships. But if Aeneas and his men had not left when they had it is likely they would have been burned themselves:

The waterfront will be alive with fires,
If Dawn comes while you linger in this country.


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