It is easy to forget that identity is not something chosen for you but something that you choose. When you are young, this is often the result of the desire to escape the self or one’s circumstances: I will choose what I am not but wish to be; or, I am nothing like what I presently am, and I will demonstrate the difference (often unspoken: in time). A Facebook “friend” enthusiastically sharing posts about reading, about staying in, to their 62 followers (friends). They get no likes, much of the content is well-meaning (but facile)—but they are young, in the process of self-consciously re-figuring the self. When you age you find yourself falling into habits, you meet the self you set out to create, you choose to continue on the path that you staked out. And it seems like the bands around you grow ever narrower and narrower as you move forward. The paths that you could take close off. But in fact it only takes something like 21 days (or less, perhaps, if you are younger) to rewire the brain and form new habits. There is never an end to your development, not until the mind allows the body to weigh down or halt its inertia. And even then, what comes next? Perhaps the desire to change actually starts to overwhelm the desire to adhere, and the change that comes is in persuit of a new, radical form of identity.

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