200 bad poems (53-78)

Here are 25 more bad poems. I will reach the end of this exercise. In relatively short order you will have 200 bad poems.

how we read
if that poem’s in a book
maybe it’s a poem
maybe it’s a bird

only lowlifes do this
today I stayed in bed
a car honked outside
then another car

charming glow
god I love to order breakfast
from a self serve terminal
bathed in a charming glow

remember your youth
stuck on a bus
slinking around corners
waiting for a bell to release you

coat on a chair
from this angle, a stranger
a cold stranger
who doesn’t want to join us

a dark mood
all day I feel it
but I can’t describe it
someone is following me

I was alone in that room
when the door opened I jumped
then I was alone again

my friend LeBron James
proably an a-hole?
but he cries under a towel
that’s nice for a king

my sin
when you choose to do bad
it’s a sin. and if you didn’t choose
maybe you just forgot

I thought I was going to run
I could see it coming
not too far off
then it veered away

a polite phone call
they tell me they can hear someone
speaking and not speaking
but not the words

derek beaulieu
a nice beard on video chat
but he blocked me
on twitter

mutual friend
I think you know him
about yea high
eyes like pools of water

mutual friend 2
paul! you’ll never believe it
our mutual friend
drowned in himself

looking away
you know when you feel
someone trying not to look
hey! just close your eyes

going places
you ever go somewhere
and realize
you are too tired to leave

I’m doing well
look at all of these nice things
all piled up around me
in grocery bags

I’m ok
while I was shelving
my heart stopped
then it started again

the heart
a lot of blood moving
this way and that
really makes you think

the perfect poem
came to me in bed
“I’ll never
forget this”

to the moon
where do lost things go
like poems
perfectly formed

dogs in little coats
who put your feet
those tiny balloons

owners of small businesses
love to talk
it is how they “get the word out”
about their carpet shampooing

it takes a lot
to imagine yourself speaking
how does anyone do it

on the moon
hey Kim
check this out
pretty funny poem

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