Concentrate on visualizing the obstruction being removed, as in the spring river ice will gather and break up before heading downstream. 

What is obstructing the flow? This can be determined only by looking inwards and setting yourself in order. Visualize the ice dispersing, just as the obstruction in you will also disperse.


This morning on the street outside my apartment I heard a squeal of joy. A young girl had discovered her friend walking ahead of her on their way to school (I think pre-k). The girl in front froze, like a dog that I know when it sees another dog approaching (no matter the weather politely lowering itself to the ground). The girl behind had to wait at the end of the curb for her father to catch up to her in order to cross the street, taking tiny steps without bending her knees, almost bouncing across the pavement.

I was on a different trajectory from them, walking away at a perpendicular angle, but I turned my head to confirm what I knew would be the case, that when the two children reached each other over what must have seemed like quite a distance they would embrace. 

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