There’s a lot I don’t want to know. Today is supposed to be one of the last warm days of the year, twenty three degrees Celsius according to the weather app when I last checked it (perhaps it says something different now). Woke up thinking of ruins—ruins, for some reason, different kinds of ruins. Crumbling stone and ancient tilework separating from the wall, falling to the ground. I don’t want to think about ruins, have spent too much time on them here—would like instead to write about the day, (so far) sunny and warm, my plans to run back and forth along the railpath. 

Last night, sincere advice at the end of an otherwise reprehensible podcast: when you wake up, leave your phone at home, go for a forty-five minute walk, don’t even look at it until the early afternoon. Before long, you’ll realize that it’s boring, you don’t need it. Instead of ruins, think of the future.

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