I’ve been neglecting the hell out of this. Just today I realised I could draw with my fancy laptop mousepad (it is not a mousepad it is a wacom). My scanner is scanning lines much thicker than they should be. Lord it is frustrating!! I only noticed after I got my rapidograph, or maybe it just started, but anyway, it’s bleeding everything together and taking detail even out of my crude-like drawings.

Here is a picture of the next sad ghosts which I made a long time ago, for proof that I’m at least trying:

I’m not sure how much you can see it in the picture, but does anyone know how to fix this? Do I just scan at a higher dpi, or what? I thought 600 was pretty high already but maybe I am wrong. Can this computer even HANDLE higher? I honestly don’t know. It has two soda crackers, taped together, as RAM.

napcomics will start posting again soon. I know I’m being lazy but this scanner is making me sad!


  1. Higher DPI creates more clarity, more pixels. this means, it can be displayed in a higher resolution, so yes higher DPI is better. the computer can handle higher DPI, just might take longer to load, edit, and upload as the file size will be larger, take more RAM to utilize but you’re good.

    For example, my family computer has 512mb of PC133 ram [2 generations old, 3 if you cant performance PCs] and a celeron 1.3ghz [cheap intel processor] with NO graphics card [shared graphics, meaning it uses the RAM to display image] and can scan 600 DPI and higher fine, takes a minute or 3, but it’s fine!

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