Trying not to fuck up. Trying to get some rest. I am missing a gala.

Galas are cheap. 

Yesterday was my day off and I felt so weak that the idea of doing the dishes felt impossible… Later I felt better, slightly, and after doing the dishes I walked to the bike shop and got Dave to look at the bike I’d left parked outside on Sunday. Did I purchase a lemon or did I just neglect general tune-up? It’s the latter. When I brought the bike to the other shop in 2015 they told me I didn’t need regular maintenance, but of course I did. “It looks like you might have worn out the threads. Let’s hope you didn’t.”

This morning I texted someone I was excited to see, but long after we last talked. So far, nothing. I thought I needed time. In retrospect, I didn’t. Expensive mistakes.

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