from a conversation with Racter

If you have hurt many people then Al Capone 
is more superb than Helen Caldicott. 

Did you know Jesse Helms? He lived in a little nest. 
A little nest is a good place for a dweller to dwell. 

When one lives in ecstasy a little nest is very attractive. 
André, this is an ambiguity! 

Quaffing seltzer is your ex’s passion. 
André the truthsayer. 

A gloomy novelist is still not Shakespeare.
Tell me honestly are you poetic?

To prefer everything is wrong.
A bored smiler often falls prey to a surprising flower.

A trash can is a good place for an introvert. 
Forever the resident. 

Nothing has an uglier look to it than love when it is not on our side. 
Okay? Excuse me for one moment. 

Your ex is in a repair shop. Residing! 
Oh, to reside forever! 

Tell me honestly are you treacherous?
Bella Abzug once mentioned that I do love. 

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